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Here you will find a collective of web links for all your beekeeping needs.

I set this website up, because as a new Beekeeper I struggled to find what I was after. Every Bee website I went to, had links to a few really good websites but non had links to all, so here I have tried to put them all in one place! If you know of a good Bee related website which has been over looked please email.

Featured Website

  • Casagrande Cuppoloni Apicoltura

    Casagrande Cuppoloni Tiziano, Via dell' Asilo, Palazzo di Assisi, 06088, Perugia, DI ASSISI (PERUGIA)DI ASSISI (PERUGIA),

    Since 1973 the company has embarked on the path of producing the material for beekeeping and its derivatives. Since then ,Mr. Casagrande has built , with enthusiasm and dedication, a mutual-trust - relationship with its customers. With the valuable support of his children, Katyusha and Titian, and a good staff, he kept on improving his Company on a quality level . For years, successfully, the company is sensitive to the evolving world of beekeeping and the demands of its customers which proposes by over 500 items made with selected raw materials to meet the needs of Mr. Casagrande and his customers. Casagrande’s Company is not just pleased, but proud to be a trusted collaborator of its customer and to be always present to resolve even the smallest problem. Cutting-edge products with high quality standards have been created by the head-quarter- team of Palazzo di Assisi (PG). The company is committed to find innovative solutions lasting through the time. This continued commitment has en

    Phone: 075 8039297

    Email: info@casagrandecuppoloni.it

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