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Here you will find a collective of web links for all your beekeeping needs.

I set this website up, because as a new Beekeeper I struggled to find what I was after. Every Bee website I went to, had links to a few really good websites but non had links to all, so here I have tried to put them all in one place! If you know of a good Bee related website which has been over looked please email.

Featured Website

  • Nektar King

    NEKTAR KING S.R.L., Str. Kossuth Lajos Nr. 208/C, Gheorgheni 535500, Jud. Harghita, România,

    Our firm is the Romanian exclusive distributor of the Slovenian Logar Trade, the Polish Thomasz Lyson, the Hungarian Nektárplaszt, the Canadian Bee Processing Enterprices and Greecean Anel. We distribute products ranging from the simplest accessories to the state-of-the-art honey packing equipments.

    Phone: (+4) 0748-678

    Email: nektarking@gmail.com

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