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  • Abelo’s Beekeeping Equipment

    Abelo, 559B North Anderson Drive, Aberdeen, AB16 7PG

    We have been looking after bees for the last 20 years. It is our family tradition and fulfilment of passion. Our grandfathers were beekeepers and we are trying to follow the tradition. We would also like to show young generation how fantastic and enjoyable is to work with bees.

    That is why we have set up the company. We offer wide assortment of small beekeeper’s equipment (beekeeper’s clothing and other equipment) indispensable for the apiary keeping. In the future we are planning to expand the assortment of our company to bee hives, honey extractors and queen breeding.

    Bee, being the symbol of diligence, cleanliness and attachment, illustrates what is most important for our company. The individual needs of our clients are always the priority. Our main goal is to provide the highest satisfaction to our clients and to join the best in the beekeeping industry. To achieve it, we pay attention to the quality of our assortment. That is why some of our equipment is made by us.

    Phone: 07508944101

    Email: sales@abelo.co.uk

    Website: http://www.abelo.co.uk/

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