Mann Lake

  • Mann Lake

    Bee Barn, Highland Court Farm, Coldharbour Lane Bridge, Canterbury, Kent, CT4 5HN

    Just in time for the 2014 beekeeping season, Mann Lake is coming to the UK and a doorstep near you! Our UK website is currently being developed, but for a sneak preview of all we have to offer, please visit our US website at

    Mann Lake carries a full-line of quality Langstroth hives, frames and all manner of useful components and accessories that will bring the joy back to your beekeeping! Your bees will thank you too, once they try our fresh, in-house milled feed products.

    Probably the largest manufacturer and supplier of beekeeping equipment, Mann Lake sells its products to discerning beekeepers in over 85 countries worldwide. And with free shipping direct to your door on most orders over 100*, isn't it time you made the switch?

    Phone: 01227 832908



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