1656 West Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg, Ca,

    We pride ourselves in raising gentle, treatment free bees from our own survivor stock. We are your local source for honeybees for sale here in Sonoma County, the San Francisco Bay area and Northern California.
    April Lance Bees sell complete up and running hives with bees and their new spring Queen, Nucs (three frames of bees drawing out comb, bringing in nectar and pollen and laying brood), generous 3 lb packages with their new well bred spring queen.
    We have available all the necessary equipment needed for beekeeping including sturdy stands, screened bottom boards with observation tray, deep and medium hive bodies, feeder trays for cork or lavender, Boardman feeders, thicker inner covers with screened vent at rear (no moisture drips on brood), telescoping metal lids or copper peaked hive covers.

    Phone: (707) 431-156

    Email: aprillance@aol.com

    Website: http://aprillancebees.com/

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