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I set this website up, because as a new Beekeeper I struggled to find what I was after. Every Bee website I went to, had links to a few really good websites but non had links to all, so here I have tried to put them all in one place! If you know of a good Bee related website which has been over looked please email.

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  • Peeblesshire Beekeepers' Association

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    The Peebles Beekeeping Association started up in August 1919. Beekeeping was already well-established in the area, and even recorded in literature, as Walter Scott's "Black Dwarf" – based on David Ritchie of Manor – mentions "Elshie" in his cottage garden with his beehives. A photograph of around 1910 shows "Peebles Beekeepers and their Assistants" – a summer picnic with big hats and long dresses for the ladies, boaters and flannels for the gentlemen. In 1904, "Isle of Wight Disease" was first seen in the south of England and it spread rapidly, destroying bee colonies throughout the UK, with some areas losing up to 95% of their colonies. Government action to help limit its effect included funding the East of Scotland College of Agriculture, which appointed lecturers (to teach and improve beekeeping standards) and created an apiary which produced replacement bees for members of local Associations.

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