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I set this website up, because as a new Beekeeper I struggled to find what I was after. Every Bee website I went to, had links to a few really good websites but non had links to all, so here I have tried to put them all in one place! If you know of a good Bee related website which has been over looked please email.

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  • Wisborough Green Division

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    We are a progressive and friendly group who encourage all those who have an interest in honey bees and hive products, whether they are beekeepers or not. We have dedicated meetings for those who don't own bees yet, but are interested in doing so. Beekeeping has a reputation of being for "older" people, but we are proud of the fact that a high proportion of our newer members are younger people with young families, showing that beekeeping can be a family hobby. We regularly have juniors who attend meetings and handle bees. Our meetings are held in a vibrant and jovial atmosphere and there is usually some light hearted banter, but the emphasis is on learning because that is why most people join us. We have had a phenomenal growth in membership from 34 in 2004 to around 180 in 2010. There are no geographical boundaries and although we are called "Wisborough Green", many of our members live some distance from Wisborough Green and some even live in other counties, which is an indica

    Phone: 01403 790 637

    Email: roger-patterson@btconnect.com

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