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Here you will find a collective of web links for all your beekeeping needs.

I set this website up, because as a new Beekeeper I struggled to find what I was after. Every Bee website I went to, had links to a few really good websites but non had links to all, so here I have tried to put them all in one place! If you know of a good Bee related website which has been over looked please email.

Featured Website

  • Applebee Orchard and Apiary

    Applebee, Bramerton Lane, Rockland St Mary, Norfolk, NR147HE

    We are a family business, established for over 35 Years, that breed and sell honey bees. We carry a large range of beekeeping equipment from Thornes and other suppliers, serving customers from Norfolk, Suffolk and the Waveney valley. Between May and June we run three eight week practical (hands-on) beekeeping classes for beginners and a three week class on queen rearing and bee breeding. We sell our own Norfolk honey, beeswax, fruit, vegetables and jam in our farm shop.

    Phone: 01508 538231

    Email: everettapplebee@hotmail.co.uk

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