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    Bridgend Beekeepers, Ty Mel, Maesteg Rd, Coytrahen, BRIDGEND, CF32 0EE

    Bridgend and District Beekeeping Association has a long history originally being created as the Glamorgan Beekeepers’ Association in 1880.

    Three branches were formed within the association, which in 1974 assumed the boundaries of the counties of Mid, South and West Glamorgan. In 1984 the branches became independent bodies and the Glamorgan Beekeepers' Association, now unnecessary, was disbanded.

    The latest title, Bridgend and District BKA, was adopted in year 2000 to meet the needs of new technologies and further the ambitions of the association to expand and improve.

    To meet the needs of both bees and beekeepers an extensive training programme has been run in the class room each winter and in the apiary each summer. With the help of some grant money the Association apiary has been expanded and improved. These initiatives have attracted a steady flow of new beekeepers and the association has grown year on year to its current level of 160 members.

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